Painless Percy

I developed Painless Percy as a free-to-use After Effects rig that would enable people to practice character animation inside of After Effects - but without the huge learning curve of actually getting a character ready to animate.

Animation Asset Design

I've been desperately forcing myself to work on personal projects (it's hard to do around work). I'm working on a project at the moment about prejudice, compassion and humanity. I thought it would be cool to share a few designs of the assets I've been building for this animation.

I've been looking at current popular design styles for commercial animation - creating characters that can be rigged very dynamically and efficiently.  For this reason I've tried to keep the characters simple, yet appealing.

Massive Banker

Hi blog... you look so sad and neglected.

More and more, pixels are taking a backseat as animated videos demand vector drawn assets. With this in mind - I've been getting associated with the Illustrator pipeline - learning best practice for character and asset design.

Here's a quick vector design, using a few new techniques I've learnt in Illustrator. I might take this to AfterEffects for animation at a later stage... we'll see!

Character MockUp-01.png

Zoo Observational Drawings

I've been so neglectful to drawing generally... and it's definitely been reflected in these studies from the zoo - but this should hopefully enthuse me to rekindle my relationship with drawing.

Annecy Sketch Dump

I drew lot's of people without their consent. Quite possibly the least popular guy at Annecy.