Harrison Simmonds is an animation generalist based in Bristol, specifically focusing in the areas of compositing and post production, motion graphics, layout and art design. Having been trained in traditional animation the Arts University Bournemouth, he has contributed to professional animation projects both in the UK as well as abroad.

Harrison continues to produce independent animated films as part of a collective with other artists, whilst freelancing in the Bristol area.


Pursuing the arts route through education, a small area of my childhood in which I was actually encouraged to do what I want whilst making a mess, this drove me to follow a creative path that lead me through the arts, graphic design and studying the media, eventually finding myself partaking on a Fine Arts Foundation Diploma once leaving school.

Once introduced to the medium of animation, I found a platform in which I could combine all of my previous interests, which drove me to the Animation Production course at the Arts University Bournemouth.

As most degree students experience, I was at a stage in my life in which I was required to discipline myself if I wanted to progress with this life choice. Inexperienced with both drawing and traditional animation, in which our university course was founded on, I experienced a rather shaky start as I tried to come to grips with the animated world.

Some hard life lessons gave me the motivation and encouragement I needed to pull my socks up, and get to grips with the requirements of a university degree in Animation. I utilised my compatibility with computers whilst continuously practicing and developing my understanding of traditional processes such as observational drawing and painting, these skills soon fed into one another.

During the summer period, following my second year of my degree, an opportunity arose in that I could present a film concept to a Chinese studio, in which were looking to produce an animated pilot for a new television series. Upon success of this endeavour, I was invited to take my film idea to Nanjing, China, and work with a team the Golden Oak Entertainment to produce a pilot episode.


Acting as a team director, I cooperated with Chinese as well as British artists, in which I found myself writing, painting backgrounds, compositing and storyboarding for the final product.

Once graduated from university, I relocated to Bristol in the UK, to pursue the prosperous animation scene residing here. I have since been working with local animation studios and freelancing on motion graphics projects.

I am involved in the monthly ‘Bring Your Own Animation’ group based in Bristol. An opportunity in that we invite other animators and film makers of all skill levels and positions to come and present work, and discuss the work of others, which has been a great opportunity to build my animation network base in Bristol, whilst gaining inspiration and ideas that contribute towards my own personal work.